Custom Website Design in Seattle

Creating a website in not a “cut and dry” process. If you’re looking to hire a custom web design company in Seattle, you want to make sure you’r asking them the right questions to determine if they’ll be the right fit for your company.

custom websites seattle

Design for Conversion and Not Beauty

At first glance it appears that designing a website that looks good should be the first goal… no way! It’s more important to design a website that converts well and then looks good. This means way more time will need to be spent on understanding the target demographic that the website will serve.

Lots of designers get lost in subtle details that have nothing to do with conversion like:

  1. How do the colors match?
  2. Is there enough visuals?
  3. Does the layout coincide with the latest design trends?

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great questions to ask but; the more important question you should be asking your Seattle design firm is, “How will the new design you’re creating cause people to convert more?” If their answer is, “That’s not important” then run the other way!

Understanding the Mindset of a Top Design Agency in Seattle

The best designers charge a lot more money then a typical web design firm for a reason. You may spend a thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars on a decent looking website that has some cool functionality with a typical design firm but you’re going to be spending 25k plus with a web development company who actually understands how to concert all the elements of your website into one cohesive element that helps people understand who you are quickly while beckoning them closer towards the bottom of your conversion funnel.

While you might get a nice looking website for a lower price, you’re not going to get the better functionality of a site that actually brings you more business. So, if you’re going to hire a Seattle web development service with a small budget… you may want to learn more about conversion rate optimization yourself so you can manage your designers… otherwise, you’re better off investing into the higher converting site.